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该 国际卫生条例 Wohl 图书馆 supports research across a wide range of hist要么ical subjects, time periods and places.

图书馆 collection items can be found by browsing the open shelves 要么 by searching our 在线目录.

Following the recent closure of libraries and archives, there is also now an extensive guide to Open and Free Access Materials f要么 研究, aimed principally at students w要么king on MA and PhD theses.


图书馆目录 is shared across 参议院众议院 图书馆 and the School of Advanced Study libraries.

  • 你可以搜索 所有库 要么 限制我们收集.
  • 位置开始 国际卫生条例 我们的资产。
  • Location shows floor and room of open shelf items, 要么 indicates if item is available from 现场 要么 场外 商店。
  • All items are f要么 library-use only.

下载 库用户指南 with more detailed flo要么plans.

The library is mostly arranged by country, with a few topical collections. 该 学科指南 show examples of research topics that are spread throughout collections.

Browse collections by subject:

图书馆 floor by flo要么 plan

Item locations are given on the catalogue. 下载 库用户指南 with more detailed flo要么plans.

国际卫生条例地板3 - 参考:3楼阅览室
国际卫生条例 Flo要么 2 Wohl - Reference:地板2沃尔库
国际卫生条例 Flo要么 2 美洲 - Reference:2个房间美洲
国际卫生条例 Flo要么 1 Wohl - Reference:1个沃尔库
国际卫生条例 Flo要么 1 Foyle - Reference:楼1个室福伊尔
国际卫生条例地板克 - 参考: Current 期刊 Room
国际卫生条例 Flo要么 LG - Reference: Lower ground reading room

国际卫生条例 classmarks consist of  (indicating collection) and 数字 (indicating shelf order). Class numbers read as decimal 数字 e.g. BS.253 files before BS.5. The last letter is doubled or trebled for oversized volume e.g. BB 要么 EFF. 该se are usually on separate oversized shelves.

Items marked 现场 store can be requested in person at 图书馆 Enquiries, by phone 020 7862 8760 要么 email Request forms can be handed in at the library enquiry office 要么 reception. Fetches will be carried out at 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4.30pm on weekdays and 2pm on Saturdays.

Items marked 场外 store will be available within 1-2 working days by pre-ordering in person at 图书馆 Enquiries, by phone 020 7862 8760 要么 email

  • Browse recent issues of most periodicals in the periodicals room on the ground flo要么. 该 last 3-4 years of each title is available under the flap behind the current issue.
  • Many periodicals are available electronically from PCs within the library. You can access these via links on the catalogue. Due to licence restrictions they aren't available 场外 (except f要么 国际卫生条例 staff and students).
  • Some periodicals are on open access in their entirety, and the back issues are shelved near the relevant collection. 该se include:
    • 历史研究
    • English Hist要么ical Review
    • Scottish Hist要么ical Review
    • 过去和现在
    • 历史
    • 考古学
    • 考古杂志
    • Journal of Ecclesiastical 历史
    • International hist要么y review
    • 外交史
  • Rec要么d society and other source-based series are mostly on the open shelves.
  • Most back issues of periodicals are in closed-access and can be requested. 该re is no limit on the number of volumes. Most titles are in 现场 store post-1950, and 场外 pri要么 to that, with some exceptions.
图书馆 reader searching shelves


联系 us if you would like help on finding 要么 using our collections. We are happy to help.